VR-Based Platform Helps Stroke Patients

From VR Medicine News–A new study has sought to reduce the cost-prohibitive nature of balance training for many stroke patients, who typically must see a physiotherapist in a clinical setting for rehabilitation. With this goal in mind, the authors created a VR-based Balance Training (VBaT) system, which combines the Nintendo Wii Balance Board with a VR interface. In a pilot study with 7 stroke survivors, improvement in overall average task performance was observed. “The VBaT system is proposed to be a step towards an effective balance training platform for people with balance disorder,” the authors conclude.

Verma S, Kumar D, Kumawat A, Dutta A, Lahiri U. A Low-cost Adaptive Balance Training Platform for Stroke Patients: A Usability Study. IEEE Trans Neural Syst Rehabil Eng. 2017.