VR Gaming Effective for Rehabilitation in Chronic Stroke

From VR Medicine News–A new study has sought to determine the potential benefit of the “YouGrabber” upper limb rehabilitation system in chronic stroke sufferers. No significant differences were found between the YouGrabber and gym rehabilitation groups. According to the participants, the YouGrabber was motivational, but technical challenges of the device were frustrating. “The YouGrabber appeared practical and may improve upper limb activities in people several months after stroke. Future work could examine cognition, cost effectiveness, and different training intensities,” the authors conclude.

Stockley RC, O’Connor DA, Smith P, Moss S, Allsop L, Edge W. A Mixed Methods Small Pilot Study to Describe the Effects of Upper Limb Training Using a Virtual Reality Gaming System in People with Chronic Stroke. Rehabil Res Pract. 2017;2017:9569178.