Using Smartphones to Improve Aneurysm Surgery

From VR Medicine News–A new study aimed to determine if a smartphone can be used to view 3D cerebral angiograms to improve orientation in aneurysm surgery. In this study the smartphone is connected wirelessly to a monitor and is used to control the images viewed therein. The surgeons and operating staff benefited from this method in certain circumstances. Further research is needed to determine if this method provides benefit to the patient. “The implementation is practical, using easily available hardware and software, in most neurosurgical centers worldwide. The method and concept have potential for further development,” the author concludes.

Eftekhar B. Smartphone as a Remote Touchpad to Facilitate Visualization of 3D  Cerebral Angiograms during Aneurysm Surgery. J Neurol Surg A Cent Eur Neurosurg.