AR Navigation Assists in Bone Tumor Resection

From VR Medicine News–A new study sought to determine whether AR-based navigation assistance can improve bone tumor resection using a pig femur model system. Out of 133 pig femurs, 82 were used with AR-assistance (164 resections) and 41 with the conventional method (82 resections). The study found a lower mean error (1.71 mm vs 2.64 mm) and improved surgical margin (90.2% vs 70.7%) with the use of AR-assistance compared to the conventional method. The authors assert that this novel AR navigation system is accurate and cost-effective. Whether the AR-assistance improves outcomes has not been determined.

H. S. Cho, Y. K. Park, S. Gupta, C. Yoon, I. Han, H-S. Kim, H. Choi, J. Hong. Augmented reality in bone tumour resection: An experimental study. Bone Joint Res 2017;6:137-143.