VR Medicine News covers current and emerging developments in VR in medicine and is directed towards a clinician/researcher audience.

Our mission is to inform and enlighten clinicians about developments in VR and AR, with the ultimate goal of improving patient care by encouraging widespread adoption of this technology.

The publication was founded by Emma Hitt Nichols, PhD, a long-time medical writer and medical education specialist who has been writing continuing medical education materials and news since 2000.

VR has been a part of medicine and medical education for many years, but in 2017, VR is poised to dramatically enter into mainstream clinical practice in a way not previously seen.

VR Medicine News is the first publication that specifically focuses on VR and its role in medicine.

At VR Medicine News, we scour the news each day for anything happening in the VR  and medicine space. We also check the medical literature (PubMed) daily for new studies that evaluate or make use of VR/AR in some way.  We write up original pieces not published elsewhere and link to the abstract/full text so you can read all the details.

In the expert commentary tab, we have interviews with MDs who use and are enthusiastic about VR and AR in medicine.

Please email us if you would like to contribute, add your logo as a sponsor, or have any suggestions about the content.