A Novel Augmented Reality System to Improve Maxillofacial Surgery

From VR Medicine News–Researchers have designed a navigation system for maxillofacial surgery based on augmented reality (AR). By using CT data, the 3D environment can be tracked by AR software. By using an occlusal splint compounded with a fiducial marker, the authors were able to superimpose a virtual image onto the real environment, creating an “integrated image” on semi-transparent glass. Clinical use of the novel AR system produced good surgical outcomes. “The augmented reality system that we established for maxillofacial surgery has the advantages of easy manipulation and high accuracy, which can improve surgical outcomes,” the authors conclude.

Zhu M, Liu F, Chai G, Pan JJ, Jiang T, Lin L, Xin Y, Zhang Y, Li Q. A novel augmented reality system for displaying inferior alveolar nerve bundles in maxillofacial surgery. Sci Rep. 2017 Feb 15;7:42365.